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Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian owned company. We pride ourselves in supplying healthy natural make up that suits every skin type. We carefully select our ingredients such as oils, plant extracts and minerals and blend them with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective, quick and easy natural make-up solution.

Our Commitments

  • We select our natural ingredients with the greatest respect for mankind and the environment

  • We never test our products on animals

  • None of our products are manufactured using child labour

  • Our products are full of natural properties that protect your skin’s beauty

  • All our natural products are made and delivered directly to the customer or store

Natural Cosmetics

We are an Australian owned company and pride ourselves in producing healthy, natural make-up.

Our carefully selected premium quality ingredients (oils, plant extracts and minerals) are blended with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective natural make-up solution.

  • Nourishing make-up with active ingredients

  • Natural colour pigments to suit all skin types

  • Assists with sun protection

  • Does not contain perfumes or chemical colourants

  • Loaded with vitamins and organic oils

  • Premium packaging at a reasonable price

  • Not tested on animals, just family and friends

About the Owner

I love makeup! I have always loved it even as a child. Why? Because I feel it makes me look more feminine and that gives me more confidence.

What’s my background? I was born in Mexico where my family has worked in natural therapies for generations. My grandfather still practices natural medicine using the healing properties of plants. He shared all his knowledge with me and encouraged me to devote my energies to this area. I arrived in Australia almost fifteen years ago and discovered that Australians have an amazing passion for nature and natural products. This has inspired me to develop a makeup range which contains natural ingredients. For me makeup has never been just cosmetics and therefore I wanted my range to nourish the skin and help women look beautiful both inside and out. Today, I’m thrilled to be doing a job that I love - helping women be happy and beautiful with natural, high quality products.

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