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Anti Cellulite Kit

Fenugreek Capsules


Silica Tablets


Jar Body - 'Africa' Coffee, Vanilla & Coconut Body Scrub


Jar Body - 'Bondi' Vanilla & Golden Coconut Body Bar Scrub Soap


DnA Elements Organic Detox Body Oil

Every product in our Our Anti Cellulite kit has been hand selected to help fight the visible signs of cellulite. Most people don’t realise that to help fight cellulite we must first nurture the body internally. That is why we have included Fenugreek capsules and Silica tablets in our kit to help cleanse the lymphatic system and detoxify the body. 


Coffee when applied to the skin is known to provide antioxidants and help tighten problem areas. That is why we have included our Jar Body Coffee Scrub to stimulate and exfoliate the area. Our hand made Jar Body Bar Scrub Soap also contains exfoliation beads to keep the skin stimulated on a daily basis.


Lastly, our DnA Organic Detox Body Oil contains a concentrated blend of essential oils, plant collagen and proteins, to deeply nourish the skin, help improve tone and texture, and aid tissue regeneration and scarring.     


All of our kits also include directions, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

Energiser Kit

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“After using the Anti Cellulite Kit my skin felt smoother and looked more even. I noticed a visible reduction of cellulite after only a few weeks!”

Terri Fatouros, 59

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Clear Skin Kit

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