Calendular Cream is great for a varity of issues. It is a gently antiseptic so therefore can be used on bruises, cuts, burns, nappy rash, and sunburn. 

Calendula Cream 20g

  • Calendula officinalis or the “marigold” as it is more commonly known has been used as a topical application for a number of ailments. The tincture that is derived from the flowers appears to have an anti-inflammatory effect that has been demonstrated by Fonza et al (2009) to be from triterpene esters. The authors report that the anti-inflammatory triterpene esters contribute to the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts. These are prerequisites for wound granulation and re-epitheliasation. The authors also conclude that there are other compounds that contribute to the wound healing properties of the calendula flowers that still require further investigation.

    • Inflammation
    • Minor Wounds
    • Scalds
    • Nappy Rash