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Our Story

Jeffrey Rew Naturopath
    Jeffrey Rew - Naturopath

Jeffrey Rew is a consultant NATUROPATH who has thirty four years experience in treating a wide range of illness. He specialises in women’s health problems because of his great success in treating these conditions. He is a Fellow Member of ANTA and his patients can claim benefits from major health funds.


Jeffrey is also a Yoga Teacher, has a degree in Reiki 1 and 2, a Sports Medicine Certificate, a Diploma of Therapeutic Massage, and is a Natural Fertility Management Counselor; helping women to conceive in a natural way. He has practiced in prestigious clinics in Sydney and Melbourne.


Mr Rew’s experience and qualifications have placed him as a Consultant Naturopath, having other Naturopaths and Doctors referring patients to him. 


Natural Health with Integrity

Each of the products we sell are thoroughly investigated and presented to our customers with integrity.  We only offer the highest quality of products that will aid in leading our customers down the path to better health.  


Father & Daughter Team

We are a family owned business that thrives on personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Working as a Naturopath, Jeffrey has been helping people for over 30 years, and Katelyn has been active in sourcing the best natural and ethical products worldwide. Our combined skills compliment each other, and allow us to come from a place of knowledge when recommending natural health related products. 


Decades of experience.

Jeffrey has been a consultant Naturopath for over 30 years, and Katelyn has been around the natural health industry her entire life. These decades of experience come with decades of invaluable knowledge that we are so excited to share with our customers.


Toxin free and ethical.

All of our products available for purchase are free of nasty chemicals and are cruelty free. We believe in ethically sourced ingredients and are very much against animal testing.


Katelyn Rew owner of REW Natural Health
 Katelyn Rew - Health Expert

Growing up around the natural health industry, Katelyn has always had an interest in holistic therapies and natural products. She is a professional photographer and writer, and is currently editor of 'The Australian Times Beauty Magazine'. This publication focuses purely on ethical, organic, and natural products.  


She has a great love of yoga, meditation, and a passion for green beauty. Katelyn trials everything personally before recommending it on the website, which ensures that only the highest quality products are available for purchase. She is passionate about providing a public platform where people can find products that will positively impact their lifestyle and their health.     



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