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Naturopathic Consultation

Initial Consultation (Allow One Hour)$137

Initial Consultation Concession$120

Subsequent Consultations (Allow 1/2 Hour)$89

Subsequent Consultations Concession$79


 Payments may be made by Cash, Credit Card, Eftpos

Clinic Hours








Treatment & Testing

A comprehensive case history combined with Iridology creates an accurate, yet simple form of noninvasive testing. The purpose is to find and treat the cause of your problem, and prevent further illness. General tests may include a Zinc taste test, and your blood pressure may also be taken. Jeffrey generally likes to look at any blood tests you may have, and may recommend you have some taken. 


He works with medical doctors and believes the more information he has from any source may be beneficial. He also finds that acupuncture, chiropractic, medical, osteopathic, massage, bowen, kinesiology, and other therapies can compliment his treatment and vise versa. He does not always recommend that people stop taking their prescribed medication.  


His treatments consist of Personal Herbal Medicines, Homoeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and Vitamin/Mineral supplements. Individual Dietary and Nutritional information, recommendations on exercise, stress release, and lifestyle advice are also given.


The Herbal Medicines that Jeffrey makes for his patients are his own individual special formulas that he has found to be very successful.


His knowledge and treatment has been tested, refined, and improved over many years.


We can not promise total results in all cases, but Jeffrey has a very high success rate.


Please feel welcome to contact the clinic if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. 

ph: (03) 9556 5456

Level 1, 441 South Rd, Bentleigh, Vic, 3204

Women's Health


Jeffrey Rew has treated a range of health problems for over 30 years. He often says “ there is not much that he has not seen and treated”.  One of his main specialties and success areas is in Women’s Health. He has been a pioneer in treating not only fertility, but also the many other types of health problems that may affect women. Improve your health problems and you improve not only your life, you improve your families life too.


Email to book an appointment

Or call the clinic on (03) 95565456



Mr Rew has had much success in treating Endometriosis. Are you experiencing painful and/or irregular periods, bowel symptoms, or pelvic pain? If yes, then this could be a sign that you may have Endometriosis. Endometriosis will affect one in ten woman throughout their menstruating life. Although the exact causes remain unknown, you are more likely to have the condition if your mother or sister also suffers with it. The reason for the associated pain with Endometriosis is due to the tissue that usually lines the uterus growing outside of the uterus. The misplaced cells cannot leave the body via menstruation, and over time they bleed and become inflamed causing pain, and in some instances infertility.  


Here at REW Natural Health we have had much success in treating Endometriosis. This has been verified with further medical tests, as well as a great improvement in symptoms. There is a common pattern of teenagers having period pain and irregularities. They are often put on the pill. The problem is that it does not usually cure the problem, and only eases the symptoms.  This can affect fertility later in life.


Mr Rew has developed a successful Naturopathic treatment that has been developed over many years.


Menstrual Problems

If you are experiencing menstrual problems in any way, shape, or form, it is a good idea to consult with your Naturopath. Whether you are having irregular or painful periods, bloating, acne, or weight gain, these could all be pre cursors to a more serious problem. When detected early, conditions like Endometriosis and Polycystic ovaries can be successfully treated with nutrients prescribed to reduce symptoms. Getting your period shouldn’t be a painful or stressful time for you. Consulting with your Naturopath, and determining a health plan to suit you, will get you back on the right track to normal menstruation. 


When trying to conceive, for some woman it’s easy, and for others it can be quite a trying experience. Whether you have had previous complications, or are finding it difficult the first time around, there are always avenues to consider. Natural fertility is a popular alternative for a lot of woman when trying to conceive. When you first start trying for a child, it’s best to consult with your naturopath. Naturopathic treatments have proven very successful in helping women become pregnant. The great success of the treatment hinges on a particular Herbal Formula that Jeffrey Rew has developed. Sometimes IVF is needed. If so, we can combine the treatments to optimise the results. 


Mr Rew is a pioneer in natural fertility treatment. He says, "the problem is not always helping women to become pregnant, it's getting through the first 12 weeks". Women who have trouble becoming pregnant can have a heightened rate of miscarriage. Please do not delay in seeing Jeffrey.


For some woman the topic of menopause can be both stressful and scary. Just because you are going through ‘the change of life’, doesn’t mean it has to be a change for the worse. During menopause, our bodies change and a decrease in female hormones marks the end of menstruation. The average age of menopause is 51, however it typically ranges from 45 to 55. When you start to show signs of menopause (hot flushes, vaginal dryness, headaches, urinary irregularities, etc) it is best to consult with your Naturopath. In some cases lower hormonal levels that come with menopause can lead to heart disease and/or osteoporosis. A great way to reduce the risk of both conditions is a healthy diet and exercise. HRT may be needed, however there are excellent Naturopathic Practitioner only nutrients and treatments that can improve symptoms, and contribute to a healthy Menopause.


Feel welcome to consult with Jeffrey Rew.


It surprises Jeffrey how ill prepared some women can be for pregnancy. No wonder health problems may arise during this time, which in turn can also affect the health of the baby. Pregnancy is not an illness, but a problem related to pregnancy is. Jeffrey treats a problem when it is in its early stages so that it does not develop into a major health concern. This time of your life should be an exciting pleasant time. Make an appointment to see Jeffrey so that you enjoy your pregnancy and have a healthy, happy child.

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