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The benefits of adding a coffee scrub to your beauty routine.

As editor of a natural beauty magazine, I am often asked what my favourite products are, and which ones I recommend. I usually suggest to people products that are not only beneficial for outward beauty, but are also exceptionally good for overall health. Our Jar Body ‘Africa’ coffee, vanilla and coconut body scrub is one of those products that I came across and absolutely fell in love with! So much so that we included it not only on our website, but also in our ‘Anti-Cellulite Kit’. It truly is fantastic at stimulating the lymphatic system and smoothing skin, and a great addition to any beauty routine.

It is completely vegan, cruelty free, all natural, contains no colours or perfumes, and is made in Australia with organic ingredients!

Not only does it make your skin feel and look better by removing dead skin cells, but scrubbing also stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn helps to filter toxins and keep the immune system healthy and functioning at its best!

Why Choose a coffee scrub over other scrubs?

Caffeine is full of antioxidants which your skin just loves!! It works more effectively on cellulite, improves circulation, makes skin appear firmer, reduces swelling and inflammation, and exfoliates skin whilst making it feel smooth and silky.

Why do I need to use a coffee scrub?

Our coffee scrub is great for assisting…

- removal of old tan

- skin prep for new tan

- cellulite

- psoriasis

- eczema

- ingrown hairs

- body acne

- stretch marks

- dry skin and bumpy skin

- circulation

How often should I use it?

It’s great to scrub twice a week. It is usually recommended to shave on day 1, scrub in the morning of day two, and tan in the afternoon if required. Do not scrub straight after shaving. Do not scrub straight after tanning. Your scrub will go a long way, and your packet will usually give you between 8-12 scrubs. Use within 6 weeks of opening packet, as ingredients are organic and natural, with no additives or preservatives. Always patch test first, and consult with your naturopath or GP before using when pregnant.

How do I use it?

Scoop a few heaped scoops into a plastic dish or bowl, then seal and store away your packet for next time, remembering to always keep product dry. Wet your skin all over, turn off the water and work a little scrub around each area of your body in circular motions, starting with your limbs and working up the torso. Pay more attention to problem areas like elbows, knees & feet. Allow scrub to stay on skin for up to 5 minutes before washing clean. Skin will feel soft and silky afterwards.


Coffea robusta - coffee grounds, sodium chloride - pink himalayan seasalt, sucrose - sugars, organic cocos nucifera oil - organic vitamin E.

Is cellulite a big issue for you? If so, try our ‘Anti-Cellulite Kit’.

A lot of Jeffrey’s clients come to him having issues with cellulite. It is for this reason that we put together our ‘Anti-Cellulite Kit’. Our kit contains not only our coffee scrub, but also ingredients to help cleanse the body internally, as that should always be the first point of call. Silica tablets & fenugreek capsules will help cleanse the lymphatic system and detoxify the body, whilst our scrub also stimulates the lymphatic system externally. We include a hand made all natural soap with exfoliation beads to keep skin stimulated on a daily basis. Lastly, our DnA Organic Detox Body Oil contains a concentrated blend of essential oils, plant collagen and proteins, to deeply nourish the skin, help improve tone and texture, and aid tissue regeneration and scarring. The kits also include directions, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

Click on the below links for more information and to purchase these beautiful organic products.

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